Hello my name is Shea, here's my story:

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a fascination with food and cooking. On any given day when I was a child, I could have been seen tugging at my mother’s apron begging her to let me take a stab at mixing whatever ingredients she had artistically combined for a particular meal. Typically drenched in whatever condiment available, I’d carefully stir the spatula around the bowl ever so meticulously, minding any directions my mother dished out to me.

Maybe it was the fond memories of spending time with my mother, the atmosphere of the cozy warm kitchen, or just an inherent love for creating something magical from seemingly basic ingredients. It could even have been as simple as a deep love for food. Whatever it was, I was hooked and I knew food was going to be a big part of my life from then on out.

Roughly estimating, I am 94% organic. 5% accounting for the occasional night I eat out either at a restaurant or a friend’s home, whose ingredients I cannot control. The other 1% is accounted for in simple ingredients that I have yet to find a comparable or better organic substitute for.  Staying loyally organic isn’t always easy for everyone and as a master’s student and full-time daughter/girlfriend/friend, I know firsthand that being diligent about it can be very time consuming. Making organic fat free sweetened condensed milk from scratch for a brownie recipe isn’t for everybody and that I understand.

There is a paradigm war currently ensuing in the food world over one simple little word, health. For example, you might ask me, “What is your favorite dessert?” I might reply something like, “Ben & Jerry’s” (B&J isn’t my favorite dessert, but I do love the brand). You might then be astonished and respond with, “Are you crazy? But ice cream isn’t healthy! It’s full of fat and sugar!” I would charge back, “But my ice cream is healthy. It’s absent of hormones, chemicals, and antibiotics…” Who then is correct?

Duh, I am! (Well for the most part…) For the purposes of this blog, being organic is healthy though not always “light”, so eating in moderation is key. Thankfully, this new organic revolution has inspired some companies to provide lighter options like low-fat cheese (thank you organic dairy Gods!). But, these options are sometimes higher priced or harder to find. So, I understand when some people have to “cheat” a little. However…

“What can we expect from you?” you ask. Well, here’s my promise:
  • I will provide you with fully organic recipes that are as light as possible.
  • My recipes will be as splendidly simple as I can make them. Warning: Sometimes to make a dish fully organic, it takes a little complicating.
  • When available I will provide you with non-organic shortcuts, even “lighter” options, and ways to scale down or up portions to suit different lifestyles.
  • I try to give examples of ingredients I use or like to use so that you can look for them in your own grocery isles, but I want to make it clear that I am in no way connected to the brands I suggest (i.e. receiving no financial support and in no way do my opinions reflect those of the brands).
  • I always back up everything I preach with research, so I will post articles from time to time regarding the organic/all natural/green revolution.
  • I really hate mushrooms, so unfortunately for you, you’ll rarely see them in this blog. But also thankfully for you, my significant other is somewhat of a garbage disposal/loves everything including those spongy little fungi so I will do my best in satisfying shroom connoisseurs.
  • Tenacious is not restricted to food, anything from wine, cocktails, kitchen utensils, and cookbooks are fair game.
  • I am not vegan or vegetarian, but I find it extremely beneficial to try to eat a couple of those kinds of meals a week. So, I will try to fit a couple of those recipes and tips in here as well.
  • Oh and one little thing I expect from you: I take my own photos, so if you’re going to use one, please just ask 

With that said, eat a little more organic food, make an effort to cook a little more in your kitchen, and the living and loving will naturally follow.

“Saving your palate, one plate at a time…"
xoxo, Shea