Some Blogs I 

  • Lovely Little Vices - Ashley, a very dear friend of mine, blogs mostly about fashion, photography, food, and other unique vices she holds. Definitely a go to for great fashion photography and merchandise.
  • Thick Hair Does Not Tease - Adrienne lives in FL and blogs about her amazing life there. She comments on interesting products she finds, clothes she likes, people and animals she loves... pretty much all of the above! Very interesting read!
  • If Your Love is Strong - I met Lindi in Florence, Italy while visiting my boyfriend. She's pint size like me, but is so full of personality you can't help but giver her your attention. Her blog is about everything from pop culture and music, to personal insights and advice. She's quick witted and tells it like it is, which is quite refreshing, check her out!

Some Food Blogs I 

  • Grilled Cheese Social - MacKenzie definitely knows her stuff when it comes to these cheesy sammies, but she's also skillfully broken down the traditions and come up with some truly unique eats.
  • Melting Butter - Jenny and Michael reside in Amsterdam and blog about the food they cook, places they explore, and the great friends they share it with, not to mention awesome photography to accompany their stories!
  • Table For Two - Warren is the author of "Table for Two - The Cookbook for Couples" and blogs about anything from ingredients to recipes and even some personal cooking experiences!

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